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Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) is a Class A tertiary hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Second Institute of Clinical Medicine of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) directly under the leadership of the National Administration of TCM (NATCM). It provides medical and preventive care for patients, training for health professionals, and conducts research for better care to its patients. GAMH as a government hospital is titled as: Health care base for central cadres, National TCM model hospital, ISO9001 quality management certification enterprise, Designated hospital for Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre constituent unit, National backbone unit for pilot TCM trade services, National export base for TCM services in the first batch, Beijing TCM overseas service development base, National Institute for Clinical Trials of Drugs of State Administration for Market Regulation, TCM training base for Western Medicine (WM) doctors of National Health Commission, National TCM medical center for cancer, National TCM specialized center for diabetes and anorectal diseases, TCM emergency base construction unit, National key TCM disciplines construction unit, and National construction unit of TCM oncology Fuzhengpeiben key laboratory.  

Founded in 1955, GAMH pooled together a lot of well-known experts of TCM or integration of TCM and WM at the very beginning, all of whom were recruited by the government from places all over China. The CPC and government were very concerned about TCM development and Late Premier Zhou Enlai wrote an inscription - “Developing the rich heritage of TCM and serving socialist construction”. By the efforts of staffs in several generations, GAMH now has 2 campuses with a total area more than 151,000 square metres, 30 clinical departments, 7 medical technology departments, 6 National key clinical specialties ( Oncology, Cardiovascular, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, TCM Nursing), 6 National regional TCM (specialist) diagnosis and treatment centers, 5 TCM S & T Level-3 Labs of NATCM, and qualification for drug clinical trials of of 18 clinical specialties. GAMH’s outpatient visits in 2019 is 3.36million, among which 2.36million is for the north campus. The north campus is open with 650 beds. Since 2011, GAMH has been entrusted by Daxing District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality as a trustee to manage Daxing District TCM Hospital which becomes the south campus of GAMH. GAMH is also actively promoting the construction of regional medical centers and medical consortium, and playing a leading role in radiating TCM advantages to Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

For many years, GAMH has featured its clinical application of traditional treatment modalities, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese massage, rehabilitation training, and medicated bath. By the integration with modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods, GAMH has accumulated rich experience with featured effects in treating many diseases: malignant tumors, rheumatism, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, nephropathy, geriatric diseases, atrophic gastritis, stomach and duodenal reflux, and difficult diseases of the internal medicine system; hemorrhoids, fistula, colitis, colorectal cancer and other anorectal diseases; cataract, retinitis pigmentosa, optic atrophy and other fundus diseases; urolithiasis, prostate diseases and various male diseases; lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases; cervical spondylosis, disc prolapse and various soft tissue injuries; hepatitis, AIDS; endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, uterine myoma, children Tourette syndrome and other common gynecological and pediatric diseases. In nursing, GAMH has more than 40 TCM nursing techniques in clinical practice, and established the dialectical concept of "same disease with different nursing and different diseases with same nursing". For its leading TCM nursing work, GAMH becomes the national education and training base of TCM advantages and characteristics(TCM nursing), the council vice chairman unit of Chinese Nursing Association, and the chairman unit of many branches in the Chinese Nursing Association and the Beijing Nursing Association. GAMH has developed 120 kinds of featured herbal preparations with significant effects by studying the experiences of renown senior TCM doctors, such as Xihuang Jiedu Capsule for cancer, Yinliuxiao Capsule for thyroid diseases, Xiaochuan Paste for cough and asthma, Xinshuai Granule for heart failure, Suanzaoren paste for insomnia, Shiyang Runfu Cream and Yuhong Paste for external use. The hospital preparations embody the TCM advantages, reflect the department characteristics, improve the clinical efficacy, decrease the medical cost and has won great reputation among the patients in several decades of clinical use. GAMH is devoted to the inheritance and development of TCM and drawing upon the strengths of all to deliver timely, effective, safe, convenient, warm, considerate, fairly-priced and professional health care service for all the patients.  

GAMH has 3 National TCM masters, 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 National Famous TCM doctor, 12 Capital Famous TCM teachers, 1 leading expert in the National Special Support Plan for high-level Talents, 3 “young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions” of the National Hundred, Thousand to Ten-Thousand Talent Project, 5 Qihuang scholars, 11 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions of the National Health Commission, 16 CACMS honorary lead researchers and lead researchers ,13 consultation experts in central health care of the fifth session, and 55 experts receiving Special Government Allowances of the State Council. GAMH attaches great importance for cultivation of talents for TCM inheritance and development and develops a multilevel personnel training system of famous doctors inheritance, the internationalization of talents training, graduate education, continuing medical education, and training class of WM doctors studying TCM. The hospital leads the academic works in China by exploiting the superior resources of famous senior TCM doctors and holding a series of academic activities, such as the National TCM Master Academic Symposium and Guang'an Forum for several years. GAMH provides clinical training for 4 TCM universities with a new mode of higher medical education, university and hospital alliance covering multilevel training with graduates as the main focus. GAMH has started its TCM master-apprentice work since 1991 with 98 masters including 45 national masters; has run 22 sessions of TCM training classes for WM doctors since 1956; has established 20 National senior expert work offices for TCM academic experience inheritance since 2007; has sent 64 young and middle-aged staff abroad by “Mayo Plan” for 9 years to study in overseas famous medical institutions, such as Mayo Clinic and Japan Yonemori Hospital. GAMH aims to build up a high-level team with talents of TCM mainly, integrated TCM & WM, and TCM internationalization, by a multidimensional complex talent-training mode inclusive of traditional classics and foreign advanced ideas.  

GAMH has undertaken 348 scientific research projects at all levels, including National Key R&D Program, National Science and Technology Major Project, National Hundred, Thousand to Ten-Thousand Talent Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, TCM Industry Special Project, and National Administration of TCM, among which 93 are national level projects and 48 are provincial and ministerial level. The hospital also has undertaken 68 horizontal cooperation projects. It has won 196 scientific research achievements awards, including 14 items of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and 85 provincial and ministerial awards; has transferred 45 scientific research achievements, and has obtained more than 40 patents and 9 new drug certificates. GAMH is the affiliated unit of many academic branches from the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, China Association of Chinese Medicine, China Anti-cancer Association, and Cancer Foundation of China; National TCM medical center for cancer, National TCM specialized center for diabetes and anorectal diseases, TCM emergency base construction unit, National key TCM disciplines construction unit, and National construction unit of TCM oncology Fuzhengpeiben key laboratory; Designated hospital for AIDS TCM treatment by NATCM and Beijing Administration of TCM, and Designated hospital for AIDS antiviral therapy by Beijing Administration of TCM. Through the efforts of several generations, GAMH reviews the experience of famous senior TCM doctors and plays an important role in highlighting TCM advantages, reflecting the department characteristics, improving the clinical efficacy, and decreasing the medical cost.

GAMH is an important window of international exchange for China’s health system, and is responsible to receive foreign dignitaries and take on TCM overseas health care tasks assigned by different government organizations, such as the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Central Health Care Bureau. Since 1985, it has received 159 foreign politicians and distinguished guests at the vice-ministerial level or above; organized several sessions of Chin-Russia, China-ASEAN, China-Asia, China-LAS, China-Africa or WHO Traditional Medicine (TM) seminars or training programs for foreign health officials, sharing China’s successful experience of “integrating TM into the national health system”. As the TCM International Cooperation Center of NATCM, GAMH has cooperated with many international organizations for scientific research, such as US NIH, Japan Waseda University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; cooperated with more than 10 medical or doctor groups for medical service with two-way transferral and cross-border consultation. GAMH is the first TCM hospital recognized by two giants of international insurance group, UK Bupa and US Cigna, and has established its international brand of TCM medical service in line with international standards. GAMH recently has signed cooperative deals with 26 international commercial insurance companies and can provide for patients worldwide with characterized TCM services of international outpatient clinic, commercial insurance, international remote consultation, international referral for TCM diagnosis and treatment and others. GAMH has been the National TCM Service Export Base unit in the first batch authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and NATCM since 2019, and will make continuous efforts to expand the export of TCM services, cultivate new patterns and new models of TCM service export, accelerate the commercialization process of TCM service, realize the high-quality development of TCM trade service, and contribute to building an international brand of "China service".

Guang’anmen as a geographical name originally is Guangningmen, meaning widely peace. For over 60 years with ups and downs, Guang’anmen Hospital sticks to the historical connotations of “Guang’anmen protecting people’s life with peace and prosperity”, practices the hospital spirit of “broad services, profound knowledge, professionalism, integrity”, transforms Sun Simiao’s “Spirit of Great Physician” as the core values for medical ethics and practices, strives to provide individualized, patient-centered, cozy, and featured quality TCM services, and builds itself into a national tertiary TCM healthcare provider with unique specialties, leading services, scientific management, patient satisfaction and staff well-being.